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Website developing the much more complicated than most people are thinking. It’s not about creating an engaging content and designing an attractive look for your website. The fact is, the primary reason for website development failure is from the evaluation and monitoring process.

However, feedback for improvement has always been in short, and website visitors are so reluctant to give any feedback. If you are in need of powerful contributive feedbacks, the tool introduced in this Convertifire Review is an all-inclusive solution.

Convertifire will show you exactly what the visitor is doing and behaving on your website. And from the information provided, you will have a thorough research and analysis on your website’s features.

Consequently, knowing what should be done to fix the inactive parts and drive more traffic to your website is no longer a tough task. In fact, this software is the most easy-to-use and high-performance feedback tool that you will ever know.

Convertifire Review – Overview

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Vendor Stefan van der Vlag
Product Convertifire
Launch Date 2016-Dec-14
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $199
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Niche Software
Recommend Highly Recommended

What is Convertifire?

Convertifire is an all-in-one feedback tool that allows you to ethically spy on website visitors and customers with heatmaps and behavioral recordings. It is also equipped with comprehensive feedback features including polls, surveys, conversion funnels and form analysis. To really know why it is an all-in-one and powerful feedback tool, find out its awesome features in this Convertifire Review.

What are the great features of Convertifire?

Research on what your visitors are clicking on or interacting with

Convertifire provides you with the click maps including confetti, smudge and element modes. This information will help you discover broken parts and uncover profitable patterns. You will thus instantly know where to put your best call to action, buy buttons and forms.

Eye-movement maps with Jedi-like power

These maps are guaranteed to boost your results. By knowing what your visitors are looking at and where they are actually spending more time on your pages, you will recognize the parts that need more work. Consequently, you are much more likely to exactly understand how to improve conversions.

Scroll maps providing pots of gold at the end of the rainbow

With the scroll maps inside Convertifire, you can see where website visitors are dropping off of your page. You will then get a clear picture of how much of your content is actually being read. If the visitors paid attention to your forms and CTAs, or that part of copy, you would definitely know that’s going to close the deal.

CCTV-ish recordings

This feature is why I ranked Convertifire as Highly Recommend in my Convertifire Review. The thing with Convertifire is, you spy on visitors ETHICALLY with the unique features. The tracking lines, recording heatmaps, session info, and a robust player will help you understand why a particular visitor is or is not buy your product.

How does it work?

Convertifire provides many features that you can easily manipulate once you get inside it. Simply log in and opt for the features that you want to activate to research on your visitors. The information you need will be displayed in just a matter of seconds. Also, Convertifire offers a software training, knowledge base and all other help in its cool-looking SaaS. You are 100% supported with the software to exactly know what to do to ethically spy on your visitors.

Price and How to buy it?

Convertifire is being charged at the front-end price of $199. This Convertifire Review also recommends you to have a look at 2 other OTOs as they are all the real bargains for your visitor research.

Convertifire Master Class at $99 (one-time payment)

Convertifire Master Class is an 8-week training course that helps you to get the most out of Convertifire. The topics in training include how to interpret heat maps and recordings, preparing for split-testing, Tips, tricks and much more.

Convertifire Agency at $69 monthly or $299 yearly

This upgrade enables you to run Convertifire as a service for clients. Using Convertifire Agency means that you will have less limit on the number of page views (1million/day), unlimited data storage, detailed client storage, reporting and much more.

Visit its official sales page here.

Why should you buy it?

Remove all the guesswork

With Convertifire, you will no longer need to crack your brain trying to understand how and why a particular visitor is doing on your website. Convertifire provides you with the objective information that you can easily understand and analyze.

Never rely on “best practice” again

Convertifire allows you to instantly what parts need to fix on your website. You are not going to proceed with trial and error. You are going to follow the exact way to improve your site.

Decrease drop-off rates

As you know exactly what to do with your site, the drop-off rates will definitely decrease. Convertifire provides you with stronger probability to drive a massive load of traffic to your page. It also ensures the high-quality functionality of your website.


In short, Convertifire is a super easy-to-use and avant-garde feedback tool that any marketer, content creator, and website developer will ever need. It is truly a state of art compression technology, a whole different way to gather data for your website. If you are yearning for conversion rate optimization in marketing land, don’t miss it out. Thank you for reading my Convertifire Review, bye.


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